MEGAMIX by Deep Dancenumber: YS160S
format: 5" single CD
release: 2008-07-11
mixed by Deep Dance

4 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 80% (1 Vote)

refreshed edit: 2016-02-02
lyrics and music: M.Cretu, H.Kemmler, M.Löhr, M.Cretu, R.Palmer-James, Hirschburger, Hoenig, Müller-Pi, Björklund, Gronau, Herter, Peterson, J.Cason, M.Gayden, Sör Otto's
photos: inet
front cover design by DJ Deep

01. MEGAMIX 18:46

Maria Magdalena
Midnight Man
Secret Land
Little Girl
Hi, Hi, Hi
Stop For A Minute
Secret Land
Innocent Love
Maria Magdalena
In The Heat Of The Might
Everlasting Love
Around My Heart

MEGAMIX by Deep Dance



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