pl Poland
name: Przemek
First remixer who started cooperate with YS Bootlegs. He worked on a many singles and albums.

Under the nick FUTURE STEP released several singles and one album CD.

ysb-djcoobaDJ COOBA

pl Poland
name: Jakub
Young remixer. Many singles and few albums - especially with instrumental versions.

ysb-djfanthomasDJ FANTHOMAS

ru Russia
name: Anton
Young and talented remixer from Russia. Fresh ideas and good competence.


pl Poland
name: Marek
In 2005 year he prepared for us, a few remix of Modern Talking music (2 singles).


pl Poland
name: Arek
Very good remixer and big fan of Dieter Bohlen's music activity.

 ysb-cjromanofCJ ROMANOF

ru Russia
Young and talented DJ & Remixer

ysb-dj duffcasterDJ DUFFCASTER

ru Russia
name: Walerij Nikoforow
Remixer from Russia. he is contributor of PromoDJ. He has done for us remixes of Depeche Mode songs



md Molodovia
name: Alexandru Savinov
Remixer from Molodovia. Collaborate with PromoDJ. He has done for us remixes of songs ATB


ysb-dj coosmd DJ COOS

name: Taran Constatntin
Remixer from Molodovia. Collaborate with PromoDJ. For us he make ATB remixes.

ysb-dj faraonDJ FARAON

ru Russia
name: Skorodymow
Remixer from Moscow. Cooperate with PromoDJ. He remixed ATB.


ysb-dj sequencerDJ SEQUENCER

ru Russia
name: Anton
Remixer from Moscow. Cooperate with PromoDJ. He remixed ATB.


ru Russia
name: Nikolai
Remixer z Russia. He remixed ATB music.


il Israel
name: Rony Gizounterman
DJ and remixer from Israel. He remixed Modern Talking music and own compositions.

ysb-cj filterCJ FILTER

us USA
name: Ivan
Russian DJ i remixer from USA. He remixed ATB music.

ysb-fabrioFABRIO LAVA

ru Russia
name: Fabrio
DJ and remixer from Moscow. He remixed Depeche Mode music



ysb-crewitCREW IT

ru Russia
name: Aleksiej Rydew i Pawel Szilkin
Duo of remixers from Astragan. They cooperate with PromoDJ and remixed ATB.



ru Russia
name: Witalij Maslov
Remixer from Russia. Making great remix of Modern Talking.




pl Poland
name: Robert Latoszewski
DJ and Remixer from Poland. He plays at Radio TOP80.
An enthusiastic fan of Dieter Bohlen activity.

ysb-djeurodiscoDJ EURODISCO

ru Russia
Great DJ and Talented Remixer.


ysb-djstarkyDJ STARKY

ru Russia
Best DJ and Remixer. He has done a lot of brilliant remixes. Great Man.

ysb-djmodernmaxDJ MODERN MAX

ru Russia
very creative - he did a lot of remixes and several albums of remixes of tracks by Dieter Bohlen.




list is arranged chronologically