frontnumber: YS701A
format: 5" re-edition
re-edited: 2016-11-11
remixed by various DJs

4.5 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 90% (2 Votes)

written by Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe and
J.Christopher, M.James, W.C.Thompson, A.Clayton. D.Evans, P,Hewson, L.Mullen, B.Gaudio, B.Crewe
front design by Smurf
cover design by YSB

01. ALWAYS ON MY MIND (Prime Cut Remix) - 7:34
      remixed by Dale Williams, Randy Todd
02. WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME [I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You] - (Hot Tracks Remix Demo) - 7:09
      remixed by J.Mark Andrus
03. MISERABLISM (Hot Tracks Remix) - 6:23
      remixed by mark Alsop, Mark Goodyear
04. WEST END GIRLS (Ultimix) - 7:52
      remixed by Les Massengale
05. MUSIC FOR BOYS (Altern-8 Re-Remix by Art Of Mix) - 6:09
      remixed by Daniel Stoner
06. LOSING MY MIND (Hot Tracks Remix) - 6:32
      remixed by J.R. Clements
07. IT’S A SIN (Technopop Remix) - 6:36
      remixed by DJs
08. WAS IT WORTH IT (Rhytm Stick Remix) - 7:13
      remixed by Steve Bourasa
09. I GET EXCITED [You Get Excited Too] (Razormaid Mix)  - 6:49
      Remixed by Art Maharg
10. LEFT TO MY OWN DEVICES (Razormaid Mix) - 6:21
      Remixed by Razormaid

ALWAYS ON MY MIND (Prime Cut Remix)


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