frontnumber: YS064A
format: 5" megamix
re-release: 2006-11-20
mixed by Mastermix

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lyrics and music by Dieter Bohlen
produced by Dieter Bohlen
co-produced by Luis Rodriguez
photos: internet
cover design: djtt66
cover re-design: YSB

01. MASTERMIX 2006 - 77:06

Jump In My Car
Heartbreak Hotel
You Shot A Hole In My Soul
Heartbeat City
Heaven An Hell
You Can Be My Lucky-Star
Stop Draggin′ My Head Around
Baby I Need Your Love
Fire Of Love
Don′t Be A Hero
Backseat Of My Cadillac
I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
Good Guys Only Within Movies
Like A Hurricane
You Can′t Run Away Form It
V.I.P. (They′re Calling Me Tonight)
Summer Kisses
Wild Fire
Little By Little
If I Feel Love
Tears Won′t Wash Away My Heartache 




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1st edition:

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