front number: YS062A
format: 5" megamix
re-released: 2006-11-22
mixed & remixed by DJ Beltz

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re-fresh @ 2016-01-23
written by Dieter Bohlen
produced by Dieter Bohlen
co-produced by Luis Rodriguez
photos by iStock
cover design by DJ Beltz
cover-re-design by YSB

01. TURBO DANCE MIX - 67:32

Voodoo Nights
She’s A Lady
Love Suite
Love Me On The Rocks
Praying To The Rest
Gangster Love
Magic Symphony
Romeo And Juliet
Try The Impossible
Don’t Tell Me
Talk To Me
6 Years – 6 Nights
Love Is Such A Lonely Sword
Just Say No
Another Lonely Night
If I Will Rule The World
It’s For You
On And On
I Miss You
Dr. Mabuse
Baby Jealousy
When Bogart Talks To You
That’s Love
This Old Town
Lovers In The Missing World
Dirty Money
You Are An Angel
C’est La Vie
Don’t Stop Dance
Thank God It’s Friday Night
Crying Game
Deeper Deeper
Only With You
All What I Need
Love Is Not A Tragedy
Une Chambre Pour La Nuit
Don’t To That
There Is A God In Heaven
Does You Mother Really Know
Don’t Knock Me
Sister Cool
Deja Vu
Everything I Own



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