front number: YS048A
format: 5" album
re-released: 2006-09-15
mixed & remixed by DJ Beltz

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lyrics and music: Dieter Bohlen
produced by Dieter Bohlen
co-produced by Luis Rodriguez
photos: from original album
cover re-design: YSB

01. MEGA HITMIX - 66:20

Jet Airliner
Arabian Gold
Princess Of The Night
Sweet Little Sheila
Lonely Tears In Chinatown
Angie's Heart
Doctor For My Heart
You're My Heart, You're My Soul
Heaven Will Know
with A Little Love
You're The Lady Of My Heart
Romantic Warious
Geronimo's Cadillac
In Shaire
Just We Two (MOna Lisa)
Just Like A Angel
Diamonds Never Made A Lady
Don't Lose My Number
In 100 Years
A Telegram To Your Heart
Good Girls To Heaven
Only Love Can Break My Heart
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Let's Talk About Love
The Angels Sing In New York City
Save Me, Don't Break Me
Hey You
Brother Louie
Bells Of Paris
Operator Gimme 609
The Night Is Yours-The Night Is Mine
Wild Wild Water
Don't Give Up
Ten Thousand Lonely Drums
One In A Milion
Don't Worry
You Can Win If You Want
Cheri Cheri Lady
Do You Wanna
Who Will Save The World
Atlantis Is Calling (SOS For Love)
Locomotion Tango

02. CHARLENE 2005 (Remix) - 5:09
03. IN SHAIRE 2005 (Remix) - 5:27

IN SHAIRE 2005 (Remix) frag.


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