You're A Woman (DJ Smart Remix)

You're A Woman (DJ Stimen Jazz Edition 2011)



Do You Wanna (Industrial Mix)

You're My Heart You're My Soul (DJ Berchin Dub Mix 2010)


TOP10 Remix

YS Bootlegs is 10 years old and on this occasion to announce a contest for the best remix - TOP10 Remix. Sending us your suggestions for the best remix - of course the artists listed on the page. Proposals should be sent by March 1 of 2015. Then you will be able to choose only the songs in our poll, the results of which will be observed on our website. On 1 July 2015 years we will announce the official results. Participant probe who sent their proposals (10 remixes) and was the closest official results - will receive a SPECIAL prize. Use our e-mail or contact form.

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