frontnumber: YS073A
format: 5" compilation
released: 2006-12-03
mixed & remixed by various DJs

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re-fresh: 2016-01-23
lwritten by M.L.Gore, V.Clarke, Andrew Phillpott, Christian Eigner, Dave Gahan, Trent Reznor
photos from iStock
cover design by YSB

01. STRANGE LOVE (DJ Sleep@Yeisk Remix) 6:23
(Remixed by DJ Sleep@Yeisk)
02. BLUE DRESS (Island Soft Version) 6:07
(Remixed by Island)
03. FREELOVE (Different Freesoft Version) 4:45
(Remixed by Island)
04. DREAM ON (JMZ NY Mix 2005) 7:09
(Remixed by JMZ)
05. A PAIN THAT I'M USED TO (Island Fast Edit) 4:53
(Remixed by Island)
06. ENJOY THE SILENCE (Fabrio Lava Edit) 3:16
(Remixed by Fabrio Lava)
07. CLEAN (Beer Sheva Radio Edit) 3:59
(Remixed by Island)
08. BETTER DAY (Island Cold Edit) 3:51
(Remixed by Island)
09. I WANT IT ALL (Float Vocal Short Mix 2) 4:06
(Remixed by Island)
10. I FEEL LOVED (Neo Lexx Vocal Mix) 7:20
(Remixed by Neo Lexx)
11. HALO (Hyper Speed Mix) 6:57
(Remixed by Hyper)
12. LIE TO ME (Island Diff Synth Radio Mix) 4:27
(Remixed by Island)
13. SUFFER WELL (Dirty Monkey Remix) 9:16
(Remixe by Island)
14. JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH (DJ Duffcaster Remix) 3:53
(Remixed by DJ Duffcaster)

STRANGE LOVE (DJ Sleep@Yeisk Remix)


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