frontnumber: YS746A
format: 5" compilation
re-released: 2017-05-16
remixed by various DJs

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written by Martin L.Gore, Vince Clarke
photo by iStock
cover by mryuk2469
cover re-design by YSB

1. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON MOTHER EARTH (To My Friends This Is The End Mix) 4:36
    remixed by DJs
2. FREELOVE (Extended Telam Project Mix) 7:40
    remixed by Telam Project
3. DREAM ON (Icedfog Mix) 8:04
    remixed by Icedfog
4. DANGEROUS (Granger Remix) 8:28
    remixed by JFlash
5. AGENT ORANGE (BOOsTER Remix) 4:54
    remixed by BOOsTER
6. MARTYR (Gore Fest 12'') 8:51
    remixed by Fan
7. IT'S NO GOOD (ETS Remix) 8:11
    remixed by ETS
8. IT'S CALLED A HEART (DJ TomTom's Heart Of Noise Remix) 8:07
    remixed by DJ TomTom


9. DJ JOSE MIX 8:58

Intro Mix
People Are People
Master And Servant
Just Can't Get Enough
Everything Counts
Personal Jesus
Behind The Wheel
Everything Counts (Live)
Enjoy The Silence
Policy Of Truth
Never Let Me Down Again
Shout (Remix)
Enjoy The Silence (Remix)
Strangelove (Remix - Base Mix)

FREELOVE (Extended Telam Project Mix)


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