frontnumber: YS659A
format: 5" compilation
released: 2016-04-20
remixed by various DJs

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serie: Pet Shop Boys Rarities
written by Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe and
J.Saunders, J.Lumley, J.Christopher, M.James, W.C.Thompson, H.Belolo, J.Morali, D.Willaims, S.Hague, D.Morales, P.Hewson, D.Evans, A.Clayton, L.Mullen
photo by Joseph Sinclair
cover design by YSB

01. TOO MANY PEOPLE (Saint Ken's Original Club Remix) - 7:18
      Remixed by Saint Ken
02. BURN (MIxes Paninaro Pasta Mix) - 7:20
      Remixed by Mark Provan
03. THE NIGHT I FELL IN LOVE (Saint Ken & Eminem Remix) - 5:12
      Remixed by Saint Ken
04. DOMINO DANCING (Ken Hirayama Mix) - 7:00
      Remixed by Ken Hirayama
05. ALWAYS ON MY MIND (Bloor's Princess Remix) - 7:41
      Remixed by Bloor
06. LOVE COMES QUICKLY (The Black Sand Mix) - 6:44
      Remixed by Black Sand
07. DJ MXR MEGAMIX - 28:59
         Remixed by DJ MXR

Love Comes Quickly
Domino Dancing
Divided By Zero
DJ Culture
Being Boring
So Hard
Go West
West End Girls
It's Alright
Always On My Mind
Left To My Own Devices
One In A Million
Hit Music
Where The Streets Have No Name
Absolutely Fabulous
It's A Sin
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
New York City Boy
Home And Dry

TOO MANY PEOPLE (Saint Ken's Original Club Remix)


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