frontnumber: YS589A
format: 5" compilation
released: 2014-02-19
remixed by various DJs

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re-fresh @ 2016-04-10
serie: Pet Shop Boys Rarities
written by Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe and
J.Christopher, M.James, W.C.Thompson, H.Belolo, J.Morali, V.Willis, D.Warren, Willis
photo by Chris Nash
cover design by YSB

01. ALL OVER THE WORLD (DJ After Dark's This Is A Remix) - 7:25
      Remixed by DJ After Dark
02. SINGLE (Ybor City ViSiON Mix) - 6:27
      Remixed by ViSiON Mix
03. MISERABLISM (Saint Ken's Extended Remix) - 8:50
      Remixed by Saint Ken
04. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD (Cursed ViSiON Mix) - 6:50
      Remixed by ViSiON Mix
05. THE END OF THE WORLD (Andy's Remix) - 4:10
      Remixed by Andy
06. ALWAYS ON MY MIND (Tribal House Mix) - 6:58
      Remixed by Paulo Santos
07. CLOSER TO HEAVEN (DJ Amaya Hidden Sound Mix) - 6:20
      Remixed by DJ Amaya
08. SAINT KEN MEGAMIX 2011 Part 1 (ver. 2) - 29:57
      Mixed by Saint Ken

Being Boring
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
West End Girls
Always On My Mind
What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Feat. Dusty Springfield)
Go West
It’s A Sin

ALL OVER THE WORLD (DJ After Dark's This Is A Remix)


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