Remixes vol. 1number: YS187A
format: 5" compilation
released: 2009-03-10
mixed & remixed by various DJs

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re-fresh - 2016-03-05
written by M.Cretu, S.Cretu, H.Kemmler, M.Löhr, K.Hirschburger, O.Sör, Peterson, Hoenig, Muller-Pi, Gronau, Björklund, M.D.Hollis, W.Filtz, M.Gayden, P.Ries,
J.Cason, Kunze, Alphaville, R.Palmer-Jones
photo by Sven Sindt
cover design by YSB

01. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (Future Vision Remix Radio Edit) 3:17
(Remixed by Future Vision)
02. AROUND MY HEART (DJ Sveshnikov Remix) 3:45
(Remixed by DJ Sveshnikov)
03. MARIA MAGDALENA (Ultrasound Retro Long Mix) 13:04
(Remixed by Ultrasound)
04. HEAVEN CAN WAIT (US Remix) 7:10
(Remixed by DJs)
05. SECRET LAND (Klubingman Remix) 3:39
(Remixed by Klubingman)
06. FOREVER (Straight 4 U Remix) 5:45
(Remixed by Straight)
07. SUCH A SHAME (Straight Dance Mix) 7:57
(Remixed by Straight)
08. CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE (Remix 1999) 3:39
(Remixed by DJs)
09. SECRET LAND (Reverse Mix) 6:30
(Remixed by DJs)
10. IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (I Lose Control RMX) 4:50
(Remixed by DJs)
11. EVERLASTING LOVE (DJ Rinix Club Mix) 3:14
(Remixed by DJ Rinix)
12. JAPAN IS WEIT [BIG IN JAPAN (12" Dance Version) 5:39
(Remixed by DJs)
13. WE'LL BE TOGETHER (DJ Crash Extended House Version 2008) 6:34
(Remixed by DJ Crash)

IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (Future Vision Remix Radio Edit)


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