Mixes & Remixes 9number: YS183A
format: 5" compilation
released: 2009-01-20
mixed & remixed by various DJs

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re-fresh: 2016-03-05
written by Dieter Bohlen
produced by Dieter Bohlen
co-produced by Luis Rodriguez
photos by F.Gabowicz, M.Esser & others
cover design by YSB

01. BROTHER LOUIE (Spreading Sound Remix) 5:59
(remixed by DJs)
02. CHERI CHERI LADY (DJ Smart Project Remix) 2:57
(Remixed by DJ Smart Project)
03. SWEET LITTLE SHEILA (Discofreakz Extended Mix) 5:59
(Remixed by Discofreakz)
04. MRS. ROBOTA (DJ Ravl Extended Mix) 5:48
(Remixed by DJ Ravl)
05. NO FACE NO NAME NO NUMBER (2004 Vinyl Mix) 8:21
(Remixed by DJs)
06. SLOW MOTION (E-Motion Mid Length Mix) 4:46
(Remixed by DJ Ravl)
07. CHERI CHERI LADY 2008 (Moscow Club VIP Mix) 5:31
(Remixed by DJ Aniegin & DJ Zelkin)
08. WHO WILL BE THERE (FanThomas Extended Remix) 5:59
(Remixed by FanThomas)
09. JUST WE TWO [MONA LISA] (DJ Dick Remix) 3:49
(Remixed by DJ Dick)
10. LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN (Extended Vocal Version) 5:22
(Remixed by Modern Steve)
11. LADY LAI (DJ Avodlom Remix) 5:53
(Remixed by DJ Avodlom)
12. NO FACE... SO FRECH... TODAY... (DJ Beltz Special Short Mix) 7:00
(Mixed by Dj Beltz)

BROTHER LOUIE (Spreading Sound Remix)


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