frontnumber: YS721A
format: 5" megamix
re-released: 2017-02-18
mixed by Kaiser Soze

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written by Martin L.Gore, Vince Clarke
photo by Anton Corbijn
cover by Kaiser Soze
cover re-design by YSB

01. BEST OF 2010 MEGAMIX - 77:33

1. Wrong (Black Swarm Remix)
2. Satellite (Kaiser Minimal C64 Mix)
3. Love In Itself (Kaiser Dark Emulator Remix)
4. Freelove (Starflight Dub)
5. Ghost (Adrenalin Remix)
6. Two Minute Warning (Kaiser Rock The Molot Mix)
7. Monument (Kaiser Industrial Remix)
8. Waiting For The Night (David Dieu Remix)
9. Enjoy The Silence (Rob Dust Remix)
10. It's No Good (Extended Naweed Mix)
11. The Sun And The Rainfall (Kaiser Cyborg Edit)
12. Blasphemous Rumours (The Ural Geckos Remix)
13. Behind The Wheel (JM Vitaminwater Mix)
14. Nodisco (Kaiser vs Nu-Fu 2010 Remix)
15. The Things You Said (Roman Rage Remix)
16. Policy Of Truth (Hobbybitch Remix)
17. Halo (Windmil20 Remix)
18. Fragile Tension (Samuel Wega Remix)
19. Boys Say Go (Kaiser Overloads The Iron Youth Remix)
20. New Life (Kaiser Masters The Bleep Remix)



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