frontnumber: YS718A
format: 5" megamix
re-released: 2017-02-15
mixed by Kaiser Soze

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written by Martin L.Gore, Vince Clarke
photo by Anton Corbijn
cover by Kaiser Soze
cover re-design by YSB

01. BEST OF 2007 MEGAMIX - 50:32

1. Everything Counts (The Back Mix)
2. Shake The Disease (Fragment Orbital Remix 2007)
3. Stories Of Old (Meadow Mix)
4. Waiting For The Night (Ariel Curtis Vocal Remix)
5. Behind The Wheel (DJ Kama-Naft's Original Mix)
6. It Doesn't Matter Two (EMP Remix)
7. People Are People (LFTM Electro Mix)
8. Fly On The Windscreen (The Tenth Stage Remix)
9. Master And Servant (Black Light Odyssey Remix)
10. Get The Balance Right (Beat Machine Mix)
11. Little 15 (Tarmar House Remix)
12. Martyr (Ananyi's Progressive Mix)
13. Freelove (DJ Messiah Remix)
14. Told You So (GeGe-BiT Project Remix)



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