Remixes vol. 4number: YS364A
format: 5" megamix
released: 2011-02-27
mixed by Pioneer

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sub-numbers: YS364A-1 & YS364A-2
re-fresh - 2016-03-25
written by M.Cretu, H.Kemmler, M.Löhr, K.Hirschburger, Morgan, Peterson, M.Gold, Kunze, B.Lloyd, F.Mertens, Müller, Herter, Hoenig, Müller-Pi, Björklund, Gronau, J.Cason, M.Gayden, S.Cretu. R.Palmer-James, M.D.Hollis, Fairstein, J.Hayward, E.Bazilian, R.Hyman
photo by F.Gabowicz
cover design by YSB


01. MEGAMEDLEY part 1 - 61:09

Everlasting Love.
We'll Be Together.
Around My Heart.
(Life May Be) A Big Insanity.
Innocent Love.
Heaven Can Wait.
Lovelight In Your Eyes.
You and I.
Secret Land.
Stop For A Minute.
Such a shame.
Hi! Hi! Hi!.


01. MEGAMEDLEY part 2 - 63:24

Sisters And Brothers.
In The Heat Of The Night.
No Taboo.
Little Girl.
Don't Cry.
I Need Love.
Don't Be Aggressive.
Maria Magdalena.
Nights In White Satin.
Johnny Wanna Live.
All You Zombies.
Japan ist weit.



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