Remixes vol. 4number: YS290A
format: 5" megamix
released: 2010-08-14
mixed by Patrick

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re-fresh - 2016-03-20
written by M.Cretu, S.Cretu, H.Kemmler, M.Löhr, K.Hirschburger, T.Gad, J.Nemorin, R.Baumann, A.Breitung, Hoenig, Muller-Pi, Gronau, Björklund, P.Ries, W.Filz, J.Gad, Cornelius, J.Cason,  M.Gayden, R.Palmer-Jones
photo by Bärbel Miebach, Sven Sindt
cover by Patrick, cover re-design by YSB

01. MEGAMIX - 44:41
Mixed by Patrick

Seal It Forever
Mirrored In Your Eyes
Steady Me
Johnny Wanna Live
Paintings In Yellow
Don`t Be Aggresive
Two Lovers Tonight
I Need Love
Maria Magdalena
Love Turn To Pain
The Skin I`m In
Night In White Satin
Don`t Cry
You And Me
You`ll Be Mine
(Life May Be)a Big Insanity
Lovelight In Your Eyes
Innocent Love
Secret Land
We`ll Be Togehter
Stop For A Minute
Heaven Can Wait
Arround My Heart
Everlasting Love
Son Of Time Machine
Little Girl
La Vista De Luna
Mirror Of Love
Sisters And Brothers
Crazy Juliet
No Taboo
In The Heat Of The Night
You Are So Beautiful
Invisble Shelter
Midnight Man
Maria Magdalena 1993
Won`t Run Away
Tell Me More



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