frontnumber: YS237A
format: 5" Album
released: 2010-02-07
mixed by Party Mucke

5 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 100% (1 Vote)

re-fresh - 2016-03-20
written by Dieter Bohlen
produced by Dieter Bohlen
co-produced by Luis Rodriguez
cover design by YSB

01. MODERN TALKING Megamix - 37:37

I Will Follow You
We Take The Chance
Anything Is Possible
Angie's Heart
Jet Airliner
Atlantis Is Calling
You're My Heart You're My Soul
Brother Louie
Cheri Cheri Lady
In 100 Years
You Can Win If You Want
Geronimoy's Cadillac

02. BLUE SYSTEM Megamix - 37:35

Love Is Not A Tragedy
On & On
It's For You
Don't Do That
I Miss You
Deeper Deeper
It's Ecstasy
Only with You
All What I Need
Baby Jealosy
Une Chambre Pour La Nuit



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