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If you like Dieter Bohlen music productions and other musical groups from the 80s & 90's (for example: Modern Talking, Blue System, C.C. Catch, Thomas Anders, Systems In Blue, Chris Norman and Bad Boys Blue, Pet Shop Boys, Fancy, Alphaville etc) - you're in the right place...

You will find information about the remixes, megamixes and covers artists listed above. Biographies, discographies and other information can be found on other pages. It is all created and presented by the DJ's and mixer's from Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries around the world. You will also find brief information about them.


If you are a DJ, remixer, a fan of music from the 80's and 90's - do mixes and remixes of any song Modern Talking, Blue System, CC Catch, Thomas Anders, Systems in Blue or Pet Shop Boys, Alphaville, Fancy, Bad Boys Blue and others - Please let us know.
We contacted and put your work on our website.
Requirements for MP3 - 256 kbps (or more) - the preferred files to WAV, FLAC, APE or other lossless - it does not cost anything.



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TOP10 Remix

YS Bootlegs is 10 years old and on this occasion to announce a contest for the best remix - TOP10 Remix. Sending us your suggestions for the best remix - of course the artists listed on the page. Proposals should be sent by March 1 of 2015. Then you will be able to choose only the songs in our poll, the results of which will be observed on our website. On 1 July 2015 years we will announce the official results. Participant probe who sent their proposals (10 remixes) and was the closest official results - will receive a SPECIAL prize. Use our e-mail or contact form.

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